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Benton County Courthouse Cupola
Benton County Courthouse (historic restoration of cupola) - Vinton, Iowa
D & S Sheetmetal workers used the original plans from the late 1890s to build the courthouse's new cupola, ensuring that the historic style of the building would be preserved.
Marion Methodist Church

D & S Sheetmetal - An Architectual Metal Expertise Contractor
Architectural sheet metal is a combination of technical skills and artistry. The shaping of metal into useful and beautiful forms is a centuries-old craft. By the 19th century, architects began using sheet metal to construct large buildings.  The Statue of Liberty stands as a notable example of this tradition.
SHOWCASE of selected D&S projects, including the Granger House, carriage house, (historic resortation of cupola) - Marion, Iowa.  Also  Benton County Courthouse
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At D & S Sheetmetal we are able to combine old-world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to create/restore architectural structures featuring sheet metal elements.  
The use of metal helps to create distinguished and noteworthy structures from what would otherwise be ordinary buildings. Metal roofs, column covers, domes, and spires create a unique character for your building and can make a dramatic architectural statement. We can create custom sheet metal elements utilizing unique metals, contrasting roof seam types, shaped metal cornices, curved finials, and other elements designed in partnership with your architect and design team.  As an Architectural Metal Expertise contractor we can offer technical guidance and suggestions on the choice of metals, the relative economies of different techniques, and share our experience with designers.

D & S Sheetmetal employs the most experienced and well trained union sheet metal workers to carry your design through to completion and create unique and exceptionally well-crafted architectural metal projects.

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